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Evening Glow

On the Saturday evening of the festival, if the weather is fair, just after 9.00pm, spectators are treated to a spectacular extravaganza in the form of our Evening Glow.

As darkness falls, people begin to gather at the main arena. As they wait for the balloonists to take the field, an atmosphere of excitement and anticipation builds. Almost without warning, the balloonists begin the dramatic display by laying out and inflating their huge balloons, tethered to 4x4s. Then the music starts! The balloon crews burn, flicker and flash the burners of the tethered balloons, whose enormous, brightly-coloured envelopes glow, creating a magical scene of light and colour and illuminating the night sky. Each year this event has gone from strength to strength and is one of the most memorable parts of the weekend. It’s the most spectacular scene ever in Strathaven and has become a firm annual favourite.