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“Mummy - when will we see the balloons?”

All sorts of things can affect the flight of a balloon. It may seem fairly still on the ground and be puzzling when one hears it is too windy for a flight but, above the trees, the wind may be strong enough to make a flight dangerous

Balloons don't usually fly at lunchtime, or for some hours on either side of that; the heat of the midday sun warms the ground, which then warms the air above it, creating thermals that can make the balloon ascend thousands of feet without hope of stopping it. That is why we stress that, weather permitting, you will see balloons flying high over Strathaven in the early morning and early evening, when conditions are safe for flying. During the day, of course, we will show you balloons inflated in the Festival arena, but tethered firmly to heavy vehicles, so that they cannot escape! And for the spectacular Saturday Evening Glow, the balloons will be tethered and inflated within the arena, their burners flaring and lighting up the brightly-coloured balloon envelopes

Rain is also the enemy of the hot air balloon, even light drizzle can halt a flight. The balloon cannot be packed away when wet, it will get mouldy, and drying one is hardly an easy task. A wet balloon also becomes too heavy for flight

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