Our Classic Vehicle Show


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Begun a number of years ago, our Strathaven Balloon Festival Classic Vehicle Show has become one of the most popular features of our Saturday and Sunday Fun Days.  Owners bring their cherished vehicles from miles around to take part and you have every opportunity to chat with them and to take photos.

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You’ll see motorcycles, cars, military vehicles and agricultural vehicles – some you’ll recognise from books and films and if you are, shall we say, a vintage model yourself, you may remember seeing some of them on the road or may even have driven one!

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Mind you, to be strictly correct, vehicles built before the First World War (1914) are usually referred to as “Edwardian”, while true Vintage models were built between 1919 and the end of 1930.  If a motor bike or car was made during the period 1931 to 1939, when World War 2 broke out, we call it a “Post-Vintage Thoroughbred”.  From 1945 to the mid-Fifties, we talk about “Post War Classics” and from 1955 to the Eighties, “Modern Classics”.  Each year, we usually have at least one genuine Vintage model, such as the wonderful Bean Tourer from 1928 (Have you ever heard of a Bean?) and some Thirties cars, for example, the stylish and rapid Rileys – true Post-vintage thoroughbreds. You’ll be familiar with our Modern Classics, such as MGBs, Triumph TRs and genuine Minis – all still great to drive.  And you may see a “Muscle Car” from USA, or a Supercar, such as a Ferrari!

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Great Britain used to be the biggest manufacturer in the world of motor bikes.  Look for some famous names, such as BSA, Norton and Triumph.

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Of course, Strathaven and the district of Avondale was and remains a vigorous farming area and our local enthusiasts pride themselves in their restored and still-working tractors, including “Grey Fergies”, the famous compact, lightweight designs by Harry Ferguson which revolutionised farming after the Second World War.

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Depending upon manoeuvres, we hope to show you some military jeeps and trucks, each with its own history of the part played in war or defence by such designs.

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Have fun among our historic vehicles.  Do ask – but please don’t touch!